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    Saber  Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011, is a professional electronic products provider for oversea market. The main products include tablet PCs, Mobile phones and other products. The factory was funded in 2007 and in December 2007 passed the ISO. 9001 international quality management system certification, after several years of development, has become with OEM, ODM, two-story factory building (approximately 5,000 square meters of production area), industry veteran strength of the company.
  Saber's set-up in HK and focus on oversea market, its establishment means our business from mainland to all over the world. 

      Since its establishment, the spirit of "technology-based, talent first" business philosophy, in the high-speed development, great emphasis on the training and team building reserves, The company has always been "customer satisfaction, innovation, continuous improvement" for quality, constant introduction of new products.

      As we are new for oversea market, we work hard and keep growing up with customer together.


         Saber adhering to the "create value for partners," the core values of honesty, carefully, innovation, service "as the spirit of enterprise, e-commerce and information services industry to create value through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.

     Saber Technology Co., Ltd. that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation,carefully is the premise of problem-solving, innovation is a tool for career development and service is fundamental to create value.
      In the information age evolving and increasingly competitive technology today, Saber has always adhered to the "integrity win the world", and strive to provide customers with more high-performance, cost-effective technology products and attentive service in the future, technological advances innovation, and strive to develop more new products to our customers, we will go all out to lead the company rooted China, the global radiation.
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Saber HK --Android Products|Mobile phone|Smart Phone|Tablet Pc | MID
Saber HK --Android Products|Mobile phone|Smart Phone|Tablet Pc | MID




Address: FUDONGLONGHUA BLOCK, LONGHUA DISTRICT, SHENZHEN, GD, CHINA Tel :+0086 18718690987 Contact person: ms Nancy Zip Code: 518000 Skype: nancy.ye E-mail: nancy@saber.hk Website: www.saber.hk

E-mail: sales1@saber.hk

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